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About this site

This site is run by Matt Pyne, the original author of TinyCAD. TinyCAD is now over 20 years old. Over the years it has been devloped by several authors, and if you wish, you too can contribute to the TinyCAD project, through updating the documentation, supplying help to other users, uploading library symbols and of course contributing new source code.


You can contact me at Please email if you have site suggestions or if you require technical support using this site. Do not use this email address for TinyCAD support, you will get better and quicker support from the Yahoo Group.

If you wish to contact the developers of TinyCAD, then please use the Sourceforge Support page.


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  • To keep track of users who have logged in. If you have not logged in there is no cookie stored, and you do not need to log in order to download symbols or use most of the features of this site, you only need to log in to upload or edit symbols.
  • For Google Analytics, you can see Google's cookie policy here.

Personal Data and Privacy

The only personal data collected by this site is your email address, and that is only if you register, although Google may collect personal data via Google Analytics. You can opt-out of third party tracking by going to their web-sites directly.

If you have registered with this site, then the only personal data that is collected is your email address. You email address is not shared with any third parties and is only used for account security and to contact you for site related information. This site will not spam you.


This site was only possible with the help from the fantastic resources available to independent web developers like myself. Specifically I would like to thank: