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TinyCAD free Circuit Design

TinyCAD free Circuit Design

TinyCAD - the free circuit design program

TinyCAD is a an open source program for drawing circuit diagrams which runs under Windows.
Warning: Do not pay for TinyCAD, it is free and always will be. There are no licensed sellers of TinyCAD.

Creating libraries of circuit symbols in TinyCAD is easy, but time-consuming. If you have some symbols you feel might benefit other TinyCAD users, then why not upload the symbols to this site to allow other users to download them?

Version 3.00.01 of TinyCAD released

08/02/2020 - A new version of TinyCAD is now out. Head over to the Downloads page to get it. You can read the release notes here.

After releasing a new version at the end of last year, there were a few minor problems that I missed in that release:

  • Embedded JPEGs were not being displayed
  • Netlist generation was broken for Protel and TinyCAD format files
  • There are problems with installing the Visual Studio Redistributable

This version attempts to address those issues.

Please report any issues on Github.